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Luminara Prism

Luminara Prism

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Materials & Details

Material: Metal, Aluminum alloy+acrylic

3-Level Light Dimming:
White Light: 6000K
Neutral Light: 4000K
Warm Light: 3000K

Waterproof Performance: IP65


Size: 9×17.5cm / 3.6×6.9in


USB-C Included in the packaging.

Lighting Time: LOW / 200 hours, MID / 100 hours, HIGH / 50 hours
Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.6V / 5200mA

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Why our customers love the Luminara Prism:

✨ Crystal-Encased Ambient Hue
✨ Wireless Convenience
✨ Adjustable 3-Color Hue Temperature
✨ Long-Lasting Battery Life
✨ Removable Exterior for Customization
✨ Suitable for Indoor, Outdoor, and Water-Resistant Applications

Elevate Your Living Space to Unmatched Luxury

Introducing an exquisite lamp that transforms your surroundings into a sanctuary of opulence. Crafted to infuse sophistication and radiance into any room, it envelops your space in a captivating ambiance that is bound to mesmerize and inspire.

Unparalleled Brilliance

This lamp stands as a paragon of distinction in the world of lighting. Redefining quality and transparency, it marries a crystal glass diffuser with our groundbreaking "sunny side up" LED technology. Natural light refracts through the flawlessly hand-polished crystal glass, creating a luminous spectacle unlike any other.

A Testament to Artistry

Our lamp isn't just a visual masterpiece; it's a functional marvel. Featuring a user-friendly touch control panel, it allows you to effortlessly illuminate your world with a simple touch. Plus, the integrated USB port provides the convenience of charging your devices right at your bedside or work desk.

Elevate Every Space

The "Light Of The Year" Crystal Lantern imparts a timeless touch of class to every common space. It's a symbol of enduring luxury, transcending fleeting trends and igniting the admiration of both your guests and contemporary design connoisseurs.

Radiance Beyond Compare


Don't miss the opportunity to bring this magnificent lamp into your life. Upgrade your space and experience lighting like never befo

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