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LumaMount - Cordless Wall Lamp

LumaMount - Cordless Wall Lamp

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Color: Black

🔌 Cordless Convenience

🔧 Easy Stick-On Installation

💡 Adjustable Lighting Levels

⏰ Limited Bundle Deal

Buy 2 get 10% OFF entire order

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🔌 Cordless Convenience: Offers a hassle-free lighting solution without the need for electrical outlets or cords, providing ultimate flexibility in placement.

🔧 Easy Installation: Features an innovative adhesive backing that allows for quick and secure attachment to any wall surface. Screws included for additional safety

🔄 Adjustable Lighting: Provides versatile, adjustable illumination suitable for various settings such as reading nooks, workspaces, and ambient lighting.

💡 Energy-Efficient LED Technology: Utilizes long-lasting, energy-efficient LEDs to deliver brilliant light while conserving energy.

✨ Sleek and Modern Design: Enhances the aesthetic of any room with its stylish, contemporary look, blending seamlessly with modern decor.



3 inches (height) x 1.5 inches (width)
7,5 cm height x 4,5 cm width

    Discover the future of lighting with the LumaMount Cordless Wall Lamp!

    Its modern, sleek design captures attention instantly, making it a stylish addition to any space.

    Eliminate the hassle of cords and plugs. LumaMount adheres effortlessly to any wall, offering versatile, adjustable lighting that adapts to your needs. Perfect for bedrooms, offices, and ambient settings.

    Enjoy the freedom of wireless illumination. With energy-efficient LED technology and a secure adhesive backing, LumaMount provides long-lasting, brilliant light while enhancing your décor.

    Upgrade your lighting solution now! Purchase the LumaMount Cordless Wall Lamp while on sale and bring effortless brightness into your home today.


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